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Yes! Farmer Connect is open to everyone. The platform is currently being tested and will be available to the entire supply chain by early 2020, from farmers to consumers and everyone in between.

Farmer Connect is an industry-wide consortium and we will have an opening in the near future to welcome new members and shareholders from the entire ecosystem. The governance structure of Farmer Connect will evolve to reflect the make up of our members. If you’re interested in joining we’d like to hear from you.

Farmer Connect provides benefits to all users of our open platform as described throughout the website. We also enable associated parties to develop applications on top of the open platform to create additional value, but your data is only visible to you and to those whom you’ve given permission to securely access it. 

You are in full control of your data. The Farmer Connect open platform is underpinned by blockchain technology with sophisticated data encryption and decentralized immutable properties. Your data is only accessible to you and individuals or entitities to whom you’ve given explicit permission to view it.

You will determine how your data is utilized. All data entered into the platform will become part of the blockchain creating an immutable digital ledger for the benefit of all users of Farmer Connect. However, your data is your data and can only be viewed by others upon your explicit permission.

While there are several supply chain inititiatives leveraging blockchain to tackle traceability, only Farmer Connect is solely focused on smallholder farmer commodities and backed by the industry.

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