Collaborative, Industry-Led Initiative To Create Global Ecosystem

Farmer Connect is using technology, such as blockchain, to create an ecosystem for smallholder farmer commodities that will drive efficiencies in the supply chain, while additionally connecting consumers more directly with the farmers that grow the products they enjoy.

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Traceable Origins

Enable visibility into how raw commodities are purchased, processed and shipped from origin to final destination.


Storing data on blockchain provides the option to share traceability data with third parties.

Increased Efficiency

Having one common trace of supply chain data enables participants to save time. The aim is to increase efficiency through reducing paperwork and clerical errors to become a valuable tool for trade finance, shipping and warehouse solutions.

enhanced Trust

Verified, digital identities and certificates along with smart contracts enable the delivery of and payment for commodities between unfamiliar parties, as well as automate the flow of data and paperwork. Verified data reduce the risk of fraud.

Complete Data Control and Ownership

Each member of the supply chain can permission the information they choose to share and demonstrate their contribution to a sustainable supply chain.  The data that users upload belongs completely to that member and can only be viewed by the owner of the data unless permissioned otherwise.


Leverage efficiency of transactions and of transparency by standardized all data related to traceability, contracts and communication.

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Traceability across the entire supply chain

Benefiting all parties


Track and store your farm’s information and history to differentiate your crop, while unlocking other potential services.

Exporters & Importers

Digitalize and streamline your supply chain to allow for better data metrics, inventory and processing controls to achieve operational improvement and savings.

Manufacturers & Brand Owners

Differentiate your products by providing more traceability and transparency to consumers and connecting them more directly to farmers.


Discover and engage directly with the farmers growing the products you love.

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